Update to Vilas County Board of Supervisors Meeting – 01/25/2022

Posted on: January 25, 2022

The Vilas County Board of Supervisors met today with many agenda items including the opening of County highways in Boulder Junction, St. Germain, Manitowish Waters, Winchester and Plum Lake.  Holly Tomlanovich made a motion to approve opening of the County highways starting with Boulder Junction. Much of the discussion was focused on the County overruling town wishes and the safety concerns associated with ATV/UTV riding on County highways.  It became apparent that the motion was not going to pass so Holly Tomlanovich withdrew the motion circumventing a motion that would not have passed and made the issue dead in the water.  Another motion was then made to postpone a decision, no further than 6 months, during which time an Sub-Committee will get together and identify an agreeable solution for all parties.  St. Germain’s Highway J approval did pass unanimously…so that’s a good thing.  What I want to say here is that with this postponement to no later than July, there is a good possibility that nothing will change this riding season. If the Sub-committee decides to build trails around the County highway solution, that will take quite some time to make happen.  The only way to speed this decision up is to look at who is up for reelection and make a concerted effort to vote in more pro-ATV/UTV candidates. Think before you vote!