St. Germain ATV/UTV Riding Season Update – 4/15/2022

Posted on: April 15, 2022

Everyone: several of you may have seen a posting on other sites regarding the opening of town roads, trails and routes in St. Germain as of May 1. While it is true that town roads open and that the town statute even says “trails and routes”, there are trails and routes that are under the jurisdiction of the Vilas County Forestry, Recreation and Land Department. Its confusing I know but, at this point, it is best to stay off any non-hard surface roads due to the damage that could be caused by riding on soft surface roads. See below from Todd Bierman that he does not anticipate a full County rollout of trails in Vilas County on May 1.
Please watch this site for more information as we hear from the County on status updates. Thank you!
Hi guys,
Please be careful of what you put on Facebook. Someone has sent me a post saying that all routes and trails in St. Germain open May 1. This is going to add to confusion and problems. The Vilas County trail system will not be opened then. There are too many issues that need to be accomplished by then. Brushing , Trail inspections and letting the area dry out are a few. Please take that post down and let people know that this is not going to happen. We can not control the weather. I know we all want to get the season going but let’s look at the long term effect. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.
Thank you and Happy Easter,
Todd Bierman
Park and Recreation Supervisor
Vilas County Forestry, Recreation, and Land
330 Court Street, Eagle River, WI 54521
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