Dave Brosseit – Trail Boss

Posted on: December 15, 2021

Dear St. Germain ATV Club members,

My name is Diana Nasca, and I am your current club treasurer. I appreciate everyone’s patience on the writing of this letter.   By now, many of you may have heard the sad news of the passing of our beloved Trail Boss, Dave Brosseit.   To me, however, he was much more than that; he was the man I called Dad.  Dave/Dad came into my life when I was 12 which was 3 years after my first father, Wally Hospodar, passed suddenly.   Dave passed peacefully on December 1st  in my home while being held by Dorothy Hospodar his lifelong partner and my mom, myself, Lauren his granddaughter and my daughter (and his partner in crime-ha ha), Jake Frank her husband, and Joe Sullivan my partner.  So now I have two wonderful men I was blessed enough to call Dad watching over me.  But now I would like to share with you some of the things I am grateful for during Dave/Dad’s life.  To list all of the things I am grateful for would be impossible, so in letter form to him I am going to focus on the sports up here that he helped me and my family to love.  Some of these things the St. Germain ATV Club is grateful for as well.


Hi Dad (Dave),

Thank you for introducing mom, me, my sisters, and your son to snowmobiling and atving back when we were teens.  Thanks for all of the crazy adventures you shared with my mom by snowmobile and atv including a snowmobile trip that involved you two needing a ride home since the snow and ice had stared to melt.  You and mom provided a lot of entertainment for us kids.  Thanks for loving my daughter as a true grandchild and helping me with getting her to love these recreational sports as well to the point that she found a career.

Thank you for being the first trail boss for the St. Germain ATV club.  You and board members before and during your time are so important to the development of a trail system that is still in its early stages.  The foundation you laid will be appreciated for years to come as we grow as a club.  Thank you for all the hours you spent on signage, trail development, and trail maintenance.  Just a few months ago, I really enjoyed helping you to clear trails after the last storm.  Ok, so you wouldn’t let me use the chain saw, but it was still fun.  Thank you for coaching me last month to help the club with the seasonal signs that needed to be changed to prepare for the snowmobile season.  Even from your hospital bed as we sometimes cried together and laughed together, you coached me on what was needed in this area.

Thank you for the father/daughter trips by snowmobile and atv including a snowmobile adventure on Superbowl Sunday with just enough mishaps to make it an adventure.  You will be with me guiding me on future adventures.

Thank you for supporting me as a St. Germain ATV club board member.  I will do my best to make you proud.

Love, Diana