About the St. Germain ATV Club

Our Mission

The Mission of the St. Germain ATV Club is to build and maintain the best trail system in Vilas County. We will do this by enlisting the aid of Town, County and State government entities to gain permission to use public lands to build and maintain new trails. We strive to be the most progressive and best ATV club in the State of Wisconsin by addressing the needs, wants, and desires, of our member and business community.

2022 Officers

Gary Penner


Mike Seabold

Vice President

Lisa Penner


Jeff Sauer


2022 Directors

Belinda Seabold



Jeff Heeler


Holly Tomlanovich


Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month with the location announced via email to the membership.  All members are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. New members or prospective members can join at one of the meetings. 

Board of Director Meetings

Board of Director Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6pm. These meetings are normally held at the St. Germain Community Center on Veterans Drive in St. Germain. All members in good standing are invited to attend the Board meetings. Members of the general public are NOT invited to attend these meetings. The Board of Directors meeting is a working meeting of those elected Club officers and directors. Members are invited to attend but are asked not to participate in any ongoing discussions.

The St. Germain ATV Club Inc. maintains an official Club Facebook page.  While the club does not allow individuals to make postings to this page, when comments are made we do see them and answer questions as soon as possible.  Announcements on the Facebook page are more timely and general in nature than our website and are updated more frequently. There are other similar Facebook pages out there with the name St. Germain ATV Club in their page names, please note the differences. If you need to get in touch with us or have something you'd like to share, you may reach us via email at gro.bulCVTAGTSnull@yraterces or through a Facebook (FB) private message or notification. If we feel it is appropriate for the page, we will post it and give you the credit for the photo, newsworthy item, or comment.

Sunshine Club

If you know of someone who needs a smile due to illness or the passing of a loved one, please contact Dianne Dieter at moc.oohaynull@edewsennaid and the Club will send them a card to give them a lift.